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Greenville Games is a premier fitness event located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Forging An Elite Community

Since 2009

The Greenville Games (GG) is the largest and longest running functional fitness event in the Upstate. We began as a small in-house event in September 2009, and have since grown to be an elite test of fitness for all participants from the novice to the professional competitor.

The 10th Anniversary edition will feature an even more comprehensive test of fitness, featuring elements never seen before in the Greenville Games. It will be a fitness opportunity for everyone; from the first-time competitor building confidence in this setting, to the seasoned athlete going head to head with others pushing their limits. Spectators can expect a family-friendly event, with food, drink, and activity available for all fans of fitness in the Upstate and beyond.

Our Story

The Greenville Games began as a small in-house event in September of 2009. Since then, through the support of fitness enthusiasts in the Upstate and the surrounding regions, we have grown to become the Upstate’s premier test of fitness.

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional fitness experience for athletes of all ability levels;  to engage in the community through health and wellness; and to promote Greenville as a place to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

Brandon Chapin

Brandon started The Greenville Games in 2009 as way to bring all of the Upstate’s CrossFitters together for an afternoon of fitness and friendship. In its infancy, the Greenville Games was an opportunity for people with an obscure hobby to all come together and be surrounded by people who all love to sweat!

The event quickly outgrew its origins and become a yearly event in the Upstate. The vision we keep is to take our love for fitness and friendship and continue to create an event that brings people together from all over the world to share their love of fitness.

Amy Fryt

Amy came into CrossFit through her employment at a health and wellness boarding school five years ago. Since then, she has grown to embrace the CrossFit methodology as a means of expressing personal character as well as physical and mental health.

The Greenville Games adopts that methodology, and is a hub for athletes from all walks of life to come together and express themselves through the unique and empowering sport of fitness. To be on both sides of the event– through operations and participation– we have developed a powerful perspective for the sport of fitness and all it does for our lives and our community.

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9 Ferguson Street, Greenville, SC 29601

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